That’s one of my all time favorite quotes and something I try to remind myself of often when given the opportunity to try new things. One of the reasons that I first started this blog was because I wanted to make the most of the everyday. I’m a big picture person and I have a tendency to live from one event to the next. I wanted to create something that would encourage me and anyone who follows along to stop and smell the roses (literally and figuratively). I wanted an excuse to search out beauty in the midst of the day to day routine. I do my best to capture the various adventures, some big and some small, as they unfold.

Whether it’s highlighting a favorite local spot or sharing photos from a recent trip, I want to invite you along for the ride. Sometimes I like to imagine that these posts are conversations between girlfriends perhaps over a latte or better yet, milkshake. I want to create a space where we can share about life, dreams, what’s inspiring us and perhaps, what we did over the weekend.

Here’s a few life categories that you might find me writing about on the reg:


I may also talk about disco balls and sparkly shoes from time to time too.



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