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WSP: Worship & Rest

This weekend was very chill and I didn’t take a lot of pictures.  I think those weekends are in order every once in a while.  I spent a lot of time with wonderful people from my church, Capital City Church.  We had a worship night and it was amazing.  I love the people I get to do life with and taking time out from the busyness of life to just spend time with Jesus is so refreshing.  I was reminded of Ps. 34:7 that says, “Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all his goodness.”  I think it’s probably an easy assumption that most of us would desire the BEST for our lives and yet, I think I sometimes I over-complicate what it means to get there.  Worship is attributing worth to something and when we attribute worth to God over everything else (i.e. prioritize him) we get HIS BEST!  Can’t imagine anything better.

Hope your weekend was just as inspired!

Love Always,


p.s. I’ve had the new Hillsong album, Cornerstone on repeat.  It’s so good. Check it out!

p.s.s. I think I killed one of our plants.  What do you think?

WSP: Spanish & Sunnies

So this is a little bit more than a “Weekend Sneak Peak” since it’s also a quick recap of my trip to Miami.   Considering the trip felt like one long weekend however, I think we can agree to let it slide… right?

This trip was filled with everything I had found myself craving over the past few months.  Sunshine, friend-time, palm trees, speaking Spanish and Cuban food (aka Maduros).

There is also nothing like fireworks on the beach.  Watching their bright display peek out above a myriad of palm trees.  I loved hearing Spanish everywhere I went.  I loved the assumption that I spoke Spanish… which is becoming more and more of a stretch these days.  (College was definitely not yesterday.)  I may need to make another trip back to Miami to brush up.

Just a few more of my favorite things from this weekend…Bright colors and Beach Time…  Margaritas and Sunnies…  Flip flops and Flamenco…  Tapas and catching up with wonderful friends… Tina Fey and Bossy Pants… seriously, too funny! Pool time and shopping… Madea and Shake Shack… Pitbull (on every radio station) and naps…. glorious naps!

Such a wonderful vacation!  Hope your weekend was just as relaxing!

Love Always,

WSP: Blue Skies & Parasols

Lots of fun this weekend!  There’s nothing like escaping the city.  2 hours of “Call Me, Maybe” on the drive out.  Blue skies and bubble baths!   Outlet shopping and Kate Spade. Sigh*  Red & Aqua. Parasols and s’mores.  Blue water and sail boats.  Most of all, this weekend was wonderful because I watched two amazing friends get married.  I always love when I have the opportunity to be involved in someone’s special day.  It’s so much more than a party.  It’s about families coming together and it really is a beautiful thing.  Speaking of beautiful, the location wasn’t too shabby either.  The Chesapeake Bay area is absolutely idyllic.  Bright green fields and puffy white clouds.  Can’t wait for another excuse to go back!

Hope your weekend was just as dreamy!

Love Always,

WSP: Dancing & Daddy

This weekend was all about family! It was chock-full of fun.  Graduations and dance recitals.  Strawberry picking and domestic downfalls (my cooking that is).  Flea Markets and Madagascar 3.  Swings and slides.  Hide and go seek and shopping til we dropped.   Father’s Day fun and heavenly naps. Family coming together is always a time to cherish.

Hope your weekend was just as sweet!

Love Always,

WSP: Prom Dresses & Peonies

Lots of fun to be had this weekend!  High School Seniors rocking out their prom dresses! Mani/Pedi time was definitely in order! Fresh flowers for the table.  Brunch and long convos with good friends under the bright blue sky! Makeup and Sparkly things.  Car rides while belting out Call Me, Maybe. Church with some awesome blues music and cinema classics!

Hope yours was just as charming!

Love Always,

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