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ProductLove: Be.Bangles

Have you ever come across a product and in an instant known that you’d undoubtedly be besties with whoever created it if you ever met them? No? Just me then.  Well that’s the feeling I had when I first stumbled across


It’s kind of impossible not to have a crush on a company that is dedicated to reminding YOU how awesome you are. The brain child of Chantelle, a self-proclaimed lover of puppies and yoga, Be., launched a brand of super fun & fabulous bangles to remind each of us of our own unique value and general wonderfulness.


I was pretty quick to jump on the band wagon and ordered the bangle pictured above. I love the reminder and wanted to do anything to support a woman run company with a vision that so closely mirrored my own.  What’s more, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have bangles in up to an x-large size.  A brand focused on body positivity that actually practices what it preaches. So refreshing! I’ve spent most of my life banished to a bangle-less existence because I’ve never able to find the right size for my arm. (They’re NOT one size fits all!)



The moment it arrived my budding attraction turned into a full blown crush. Especially after I found out that for every bangle purchased, a young girl in Africa can go to school for a day. Seriously smitten. 


When my friend and amazing photographer, Jen Eun, approached me to do a styled shoot with the bangles I didn’t think twice. These are just a few of the fun shots we took on breezy January morning (don’t let the sunshine fool you… it was coooold).

I’d highly encourage you to check out Be.. Just reading through their “Our Story” section will inspire you and by the time you make it to their manifesto you’ll be ready to jump small buildings in a single leap.

You can purchase your own Be.Bangle here.




All photos provided courtesy of Eun Photography.


I listened to this podcast while traveling last week and it’s too good not to share. I’m a big fan of both Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown and love the wisdom they share here.  I would highly recommend it for anyone who has ever felt they weren’t creative enough [or creative] [or enough]. It’s so inspiring and encouraging.

“The only unique contribution that we will make in this world will be born of creativity.” – Brene Brown





*Please note this podcast may not be suitable for all audiences as there is some adult language included. 



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