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I know today is Monday and usually that means normally I’d be spamming your inbox with lots of pictures from another wonderful weekend, but this week is a bit different.  Actually it’s A LOT different for some pretty wonderful reasons.  This is the week we launch the new Piccadilly brand and website.  It’s the week I get to introduce you to the best team on earth and share with you all the things we’ve been working on for the last few months.  It’s super exciting but also pretty terrifying.  I thought today, I’d break with the norm and share with you a bit of what’s been going on in my heart behind the scenes.



I know I’ve said it like a gazillion times on here, but what’s happening with Piccadilly is really a dream come true.  Pursuing dreams is scary business though.  It means you have to actually admit and own what you want. It means you have to be vulnerable. It means you have to take risks. This inevitably comes with a barrage of thoughts like…

“What if people don’t get it?”

“What if they think I’m stupid?”

“What if I try and fail?”

“What if they realize I don’t know what I’m doing?”

“What if I REALLY don’t know what I’m doing?”

“What if… What if… What if?”

Even if it is scary and overwhelming at times, it’s also one of the greatest feelings in the world.   The flip side of the challenges I listed above, is that going after what you want also sets you free.  It gives you permission to be yourself. It let’s people in on the adventure with you. It gives others the opportunity to dream along with you.

It means that you can take your dreams off of the shelf marked “someday” and put them firmly in the space marked “today”.

Earlier this year I realized that I have been playing it safe for a long time.  I think subconsciously I had thought that if I didn’t really try, I couldn’t really fail.  Not realizing that every moment spent in that thought pattern was making failure a common occurrence. I read a really awesome book and have basically been listening to a song called “You Make Me Brave” on the repeat all summer and both have served as the catalyst for moving forward and “doing it scared“.

I know that sometimes it’s easy to look at the outside of something and think that it just happens.  I know many times I’ve looked at other people’s lives and thought that everything just seems to work out so easily for them.  They seem to have it all together.  Things just happen for them.  I’m here to tell you, that at least in my case, it’s not that simple.  Sometimes it’s scary and sometimes it’s messy, but it’s always worth it.

So here’s to dreaming of things bigger than you can accomplish in your own strength.  Here’s to being unrealistic. Here’s to taking the leap.  Here’s to hoping the parachute will open.


Behind-the-Scenes : Piccadilly Photoshoot

I know I’ve hinted at it, but there are some seriously fun things on the horizon for my event styling & coordination business, Piccadilly.  It has been a season of God moments and seeing new life breathed into long-held dreams.  Needless to say, it’s been very exciting.

facebook cover photo Piccadilly


Part of this season includes a re-brand and re-launch of the business.  There’s lots of details included in something like that and I’m currently in the thick of it.  There’s no where I’d rather be though.  It’s honestly thrilling to be taking steps towards really seeing my dreams take flight.

It’s also scary… but whatever. Totally worth it!

piccadilly shoes


One super fun part of this process was a recent photo shoot that I had the opportunity to do with Erica of Erica Baker Photography and Bakers Tell Stories.  She’s incredibly gifted and on top of that a TOTAL BLAST to work with.  Who else will teach you how to dinosaur dance mid photo shoot? piccadilly disco ball


Her wonderful friend AND my new friend, Sarah, of Fashion and Philosophers and Kicheko,  came to help as well and took these incredible behind-the-scenes shots.  You can see more and read her recap on her site here.  I’ve been obsessed with her blog for awhile now and I had more than one fan girl moment having her at my shoot. She’s pretty much the best!

We had the shoot at the uber-chic, too cool for school, Ulysses Room located at the 52 O St. Studios (ahem, it’s a great spot for events!).  I felt like my cool factor rocketed just by walking through the door.  The space belongs to the wonderful Virginia Arrisueño who is the master mind behind DeNada Designs and other creative endeavors like DC MEETMarket and Topaz&Arrow.  She is amazing and truly a joy to work with.  I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with her again soon.

piccadilly ladder


If that wasn’t enough to make it the BEST.DAY.EVER.   My beautiful friends Janelle and Ashlynn came along to make sure everything went smoothly, looked pretty and was overall just wonderful.  Also, they lent their super cool dance moves to the mix. I mean, what more could you ask for?



I can’t wait to share more with you as it unfolds!  I’m very much looking forward to the future. The BEST most definitely is still to come!




Surprise! Life is happening now…

I just had a birthday.  It was wonderful. You all are a pretty big reason that it was as amazing as it was (this, this and this are just a few of the things that made my day over the top. ). Also, I’m in London right now, which totally doesn’t hurt.

One thing I love about birthdays is the opportunity they provide to stop and take stock of my life.  In doing so, I’ve realized that there are very few things in life that are certain.  Birth is one. (YAY! You’re here!)  Death is another. (Game over).  Everything in between is pretty much up for interpretation.

Where will you live?  What do you want to do?  Where will you spend your time?  

It’s almost like one of those choose your own adventure books that I loved so much as a child.

I must admit, that every time I took one of those books out of the library I could never just choose the one ending. I would always cheat and read ahead to see how all the different options ended.  I always wanted to know how my decision would pay off?  Would I end up with 2.5 kids in a house with a white picket fence?  Would I end up running my own business?  Would I end up traveling the world?  Should I have taken the risk?

life surprise you

It’s not hard to make the jump to real life.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as skimming through to the end of the book to see how my decisions pan out.  I’m daily confronted with the opportunity to make decisions.  Some big. Some small.  Some may only decide the direction of my morning. Caffeine? Yes, please!  Others may have much longer and lasting results.

There are a few things I’ve learned in 32 years of life (yikes! It feels funny writing that).  One being that when in doubt….

Take the risk!

Life is full of surprises.  Don’t wait until some distant day in the future to start pursuing your dreams and living your life.  Make the absolute most of the current season you are in.  Don’t wait until your job changes to love your job.  Don’t wait until you make more money to start saving.   Don’t wait until you’re married.  Don’t wait until your kids are in college.

Don’t wait. Don’t wait. Don’t wait.

Don’t wait until you’re not afraid.  Do it now. Take the first step.

Do it scared.

The world is waiting for you to take the leap, to live your dreams, to be all that God intended you to be.  Life is full of surprises and we can’t choose our own ending, but we can trust that we are not in this journey alone.  God has promised not only to “never leave us, nor forsake us” (Deut 31:6) but He has also promised that He has “plans for a hope and a future” (Jer. 29:11)

saying yes

Photo vi

What are you waiting for?  Go live the life you dream of! The world needs more people who stop playing it safe.  After all, life is more exciting when it’s an adventure!


Starting a Business: Resource Yourself (BLOGSHOP!!!)

Woohoo!!!!! It’s Friday and contrary to popular belief, I was not abducted by aliens…however, I do recognize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Life has been moving at breakneck speed and I’m finally catching up.

I’ve been focusing a  lot of energy these days on my business, Piccadilly and I’ll soon be launching the website.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to share installment numero 3 on “Starting a Business” with you all.  Just as a refresher, here’s what I wrote before on the topic… “It takes a village” and “Just say NO!“… nothing groundbreaking, but definitely lessons I’m learning along the way.  So here’s the next one…

Maybe you do not have a huge community, but there are still a large number of resources available to you.  From workshops and podcasts to books and blogs, you name it and it is out there.   There is no reason you should expect yourself to know everything on day one.  Learning from other people’s experiences is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.

Just last weekend, I took advantage of an incredible resource called BLOGSHOP.     Blogshop, the brain child of the lovely Bri (@designlovefest) and Angela (@angelakohler),  is a super fun workshop focused on teaching bloggers Photoshop.   They know all the tips and tricks and in two days time I was amazed at all they were able to teach me.  Seriously!    You might have noticed the new look around this site and I have to tell you, that’s all thanks to their tutelage.

Photo via

I would definitely recommend Blogshop to anyone looking to learn more about photoshop.  It was so fun, eye-opening, and I still can’t believe how much easier it has made my life.   On top of that, they teach you to do cool stuff like this (sorry for the somewhat awkward look on my face :-/)








p.s. I’m in it to win it! This is my entry to the blogshop photoshop contest!

Starting a Business: Just say NO!

I officially started my own side business about a year and a half ago.  Let me tell you… this is no joke.   I’m absolutely convinced that there are far more things about starting a business that I don’t know, then the few things I do know.  Far be it from me to let ignorance stop me from writing… it’s never stopped me before.   With that resolve, I’ve decided to share a  some of the lessons I am learning along the way here.   I kicked it off a few weeks ago with my post here about why I believe, no matter what anyone else says, you can’t do it all on your own.

To continue on that optimistic streak, today I’ve decided to talk about one of my biggest challenges to date.  Starting a business on the side (i.e. not quitting your day job) takes time and time takes saying “NO”.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”  and I will venture to say that your business will not be built over night either.  If you are thinking about starting your own business, calculate the number of hours you think it will take, multiple that by 2, subtract 25 and multiply that by 537 and you might just have something close.  Ok… maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but the simple truth remains, your time is valuable and if starting your own business is a priority for you, it will take something of value from you.

Where do you get this rare thing we call time?  Well, unless you are one of the few people who can survive on no sleep, like ever,  gaining extra hours is going to require discipline and saying one simple, little word…. NO!

Granted, you don’t have to shout it as the caps lock above would suggest, but if you are serious, you are going to have to take a long hard look at your schedule and start hacking.   I used to hate it when people would use the phrase “make time”.  I mean, seriously, if it was that easy, I would pop a batch of time in my easy bake oven and call it a day (or an extra day… insert cheesy joke cymbal crash here).

One of the biggest revelations I have had in starting my business was simply that it is ok to say no.  Why?

Because in saying “no” to one thing, I was opening the door and freeing myself to say “YES” to something else.

I have never wanted to be identified as a negative or “NO” person and, as such, I found that my schedule was a bit too full for my own good.   I have taken steps over the past year to improve my “no” skills and if I’m being honest, it has been hard.  I have said no to things that would have been nice to be involved in, even things that I really, really, really wanted to do, but I found after further review they didn’t really stack up against the things I believed should be my current priorities.   It’s a tough call, but I am also finding that saying “no” is actually enabling me to be more of a “yes” person to the things I believe really matter in this season of my life.

What about you?  Do you find it hard to say “No”?  Any tips on how to make it easier?

Love always,