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Piccadilly-Final-082 I’m so excited to share these photos with you! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with two wonderful friends to capture some new images for this site and I’m thrilled with what we came up with!

Jen Eun of Eun Photography is pure sunshine! I got to know her just a bit on a photoshoot she did for my friend Emily of Either/Or Interior Design. Watching her ease behind the camera, her eye for capturing beautiful moments and her genuine happy presence convinced me that I HAD to plan a project with her. It just so happened that I’d been wanting some new photos for both the Piccadilly and LAH sites. YAY!


My friend Emily kindly agreed to come along and keep my awkwardness at a minimum. I’m so much more used to being behind-the-scenes on photoshoots, styling and primping and generally carrying a lot of stuff. Emily has an incredible eye for detail and she kept me on point all day. Besides that she just makes everything more fun!

We chose to shoot in a few of my favorite places including CrystalWynwood. CrystalWynwood is a spot in Crystal City, VA (just outside DC) that has brightly colored murals stretched across a series of walls.  It was inspired by my all time favorite place, Wynwood Walls in Miami. I wrote about my trips there earlier this year here. Crystal Wynwood includes individual pieces by No Kings Collective (@nokingsDC) founders Brandon Hill and Peter Chang as well as contributions from well-known area graffiti artists Aniekan Udofi (@sketch272000), Kevin Irvin aka Jazi Rock, and Kelley Towles (@kellytowles). I would highly recommend going to check it out for yourself. 

We also spent a bit of time at another of my favorite spots, Maketto.  Maketto is a an awesome local coffee shop/restaurant/retail space. I not only love them for their sleek black and white design construct but I found out when I was there for dinner last that most of the folks working there are creatives working on any number of awesome sauce projects. It just confirmed what I’d guessed all along, it’s definitely where the cool kids hang out. Sometimes they even let me in.

This shoot was so much fun. Each photo feels like a gift to me. On top of that, spending time with both Jen and Emily was just BEYOND. I truly feel so blessed to have such incredible women in my life. From putting up with my messy room and crazy insecurities (yes it’s true!) to sharing their hearts and talking about the wonder that is grace, they made this the…





BEHIND THE SCENES : Beautiful You 2015 Photoshoot


She who is BRAVE is free

While I’ve been having a blast working with the Beautiful You team on the photoshoot for the 2016 conference I thought I would take advantage of #throwbackthursday to share some photos from the photoshoot we did together for their 2015 conference. I’m woefully behind in sharing these on here but they’re just too beautiful not to post.

byc_brave_shoot-162 copy

How epic is this moment? Our model (& friend!) Andrea was WORKING it! Gorgeous! The 2015 conference theme was BRAVE and we wanted to visually paint the picture of a wild warrior princess through the photos. Each of the models lent their individual beauty to bring that storyline to life in their own unique way.  We had two main locations for the shoot; Meridian Hill Park for sunrise and Rock Creek Park for sunset. Both sites were spectacular and provided their own version of wild beauty in the midst of our bustling city. The Piccadilly Creative team partnered with Beautiful You to help bring together this photoshoot through creative consulting and styling. We had such a blast doing so. Most of the looks we used for the shoot were from Free People and Nordstrom and we were lucky enough to partner with Ethic Goods to spotlight some of their fantastic pieces of jewelry on the models.

These beautiful ladies (& little ones) woke up at the crack of dawn to allow us to capture the magic of sunrise.  The sun peeking through the trees was absolutely worth the extra doses of caffeine that we were all running on that morning.

byc_brave_shoot-81 copy



These ladies were nonstop laughter and beauty. There were so many lovely moments just like this one.

My friend Jacks of John Jacks Photography consistently amazes me at his ability to capture beauty and the magic of a moment.  I got to work with him again this year and it was so much fun!


With BRAVE wings she flies

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the creative genius that is Emily Kathryn Winship of Either/Or Design (& the Piccadilly Creative Team).  We call her the “Empress of Glueguns” on the Piccadilly website and it’s so true. She can make anything! She handcrafted the most idyllic tent of vintage fabrics, a fleet of miniature boats made of paper mache and about a million flower crowns for our shoot.

byc_brave_shoot-328 copy

Fortune & Love favor the BRAVE

It was such a magical and beauty-kissed day. I love looking at these images and reliving the memories.  I hope you enjoy them as well!

byc_brave_shoot-257 copy






Behind the Scenes : The Harbor

I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing the behind-the-scenes from this project with you. Earlier this Summer I had the privilege of working with a few of my wonderful creative friends to help style a photo shoot for an awesome project they’ve been working on called

The Harbor


This is Lynette and Michael.

They are both incredible singer/songwriters and they teamed up recently to create the project I mentioned above. I’ve been lucky enough to follow along on their creative journey and it felt like such an honor to work with them on this piece of the project.

On top of that, our friend Nick, of Nick Welsh Photography, joined us the day of the shoot and not only captured some amazing images but also infused the afternoon with his own brand of fun and creativity. I love watching people, who are passionate about what they do, work. He’s truly one of those people (AND I’d highly recommend working with him if you’re looking for a great photographer).


How fun are these shots right? We spent the afternoon on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria and found lots of cool spots and old world charm. I love seeing the beauty that can grow out of organic collaboration. I think these pictures are a testament to that.



Lynette and Michael also did a live recording of the project at Oakwood Terrace here in DC. Here’s one of my favorite videos from the evening. You can view the rest over on their YouTube channel here.



Behind the Scenes : Desiree

View More: I love the creative process. I love dreaming with friends and then watching how those dreams come to life when we each use what’s in our hands. That’s just what happened on this recent shoot.

My wonderful friend Dawn of Dawn Victoria Photography and I have been chatting for months on ways that we can work together. She’s a great photographer based in Maryland who among other things, offers very cool, out-the-box options for senior portraits.  The world has enough stock photography and I love that she takes a different and creative approach to memorialize such a special time in a young person’s life.

View More:

We both love Desiree! She’s an awesome friend with an incredible musical talent.  We thought it would be fun to do a styled shoot with her and the rest is history! We bribed Desiree with hugs to be our model and muse and she happily obliged.

Gahhh! I can’t even begin to express how much I love the photos from this photoshoot. How GORGEOUS is Desiree?

View More: Dawn’s super cool brother, Josh, also lent his talent as a makeup artist and hair stylist to help us on the shoot. He did an amazing job of highlighting Desiree’s natural beauty and adding just a bit of sparkle to make the look pop for each photo.  You can see more of his work here.

I styled the shoot with looks from Nordstrom, Free People, Forever 21, Ethic Goods and Desiree’s closet. I wanted to showcase Desiree’s natural beauty and ability against a contrasting rough and rugged environment.  A local park in Waldorf, MD did the trick for us.  In consulting with Desiree and Dawn we realized that we all wanted photos that would tell a story but would also have a note of mystery that would spark the imagination.

View More: Arguably some of our favorite shots from the day came at the very end when we decided to have Desi jump in the creek.  She is a trooper and fought off all kinds of creepy crawlers to get these shots.  Dawn and Josh were rockstars as they jumped right into the stream shoes and all to get these next photos before we got kicked out of the park by the ranger because it was closing time.  I think it was probably worth it though.

You can see more pictures from the shoot on Piccadilly’s Facebook page here.  While you’re at it go ahead and like the page so you’ll be the first to see other related updates.

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I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed.

Steve Lacy




80s-v-day-49 As I mentioned here, Piccadilly recently had the opportunity to partner with another awesome DC-based events company, JBC Events to throw the coolest 80s dance party to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We had so much fun working with them and coming up with crazy, fun styling for the evening. JBC Events - 80s Valentines - Red (2)

My wonderful friend Erica, from Erica Baker Photography joined us as we set up for the evening and took some fun detail shots of the setup process. I thought you might enjoy them too!






Photo credit : Erica Baker Photography

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