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LocalLove: Cowbell Kitchen


While antiquing a few weeks ago I came across the cutest outdoor kitchen/food truck.  With pixie sticks, colorful pennants and a proprietor, Cheryl Ann, that instantly makes you feel like an old friend, Cowbell Kitchen is not to be missed!  Nestled conveniently right outside of Old Lucketts Store, they serve up delicious and gourmet food – FRESH!  I was lucky enough to sample some of their fare during my antiquing venture earlier this Summer and it was delish!  I would whole-heartedly recommend them!

On top of all that, they’ve created this super awesome thing called… get this… “Twinkle Bell Secret Dining Fellowship”.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be apart of a secret dining fellowship (and I don’t mean eating girls scout cookies at home alone).  Described as “… a laid back evening in cahoots with The Old Lucketts Store…we will present a creative food, outdoor and atmosphere adventure somewhere on this inspiring property.”

I mean seriously… this is not to be missed!

You can read about their last edition here. How fabulous!

Their next dining adventure is taking place under the stars on Saturday, August 24th (RSVP by August 17th to  You can see all the details for their next one here. Go check it out and let me know all about your adventure!

You can find out more about Cowbell Kitchen here, here and here(with a video!).


LocalLove : Lou Lou Boutique


I’ve been accessorizing my outfits from day one.  From the very first time I used a scrunchy to tie my over-sized t-shirt to the side, to the day I discovered the statement necklace; I have had a love-love relationship with accessories.  So you can imagine my absolute and total glee when I walked into Lou Lou Boutique this weekend.


The store is chocked full of colorful and sparkly goodness.  I could spend hours sifting through their stock, which ranges from neon clutches and swoon-worthy necklaces to studded bracelets and a rainbow of scarves.  On top of that they were playing a classic chick flick on the wall.  What’s not to love about a store that shows “Dirty Dancing” while you shop.

The ladies at the store were beyond nice and let me wander around snapping photos.  They even mentioned this great thing that they are doing this coming weekend. Check out their website for more details and like them on Facebook!


I would definitely suggest you visit them.  They have a number of locations around the DC metro area (Boston too!).

Happy shopping!


LocalLove: Old Lucketts Store


Oh my God Becky… Look at her mason jar… it’s like soooooo blue!

I like antiques and I can not lie.  You other girls can’t deny when you walk in and see some pretty pretty stuff that somebody used to own.

You get jazzed!

No but for serious… I love antiquing.  It’s like treasure hunting without all the expensive equipment.  This past weekend I had the chance to visit one of my all time favorites, Old Lucketts Store.  It’s out in Leesburg, VA and is a veritable wonderland of antiques.  They have everything from tufted chairs and rustic doors to fine china and my personal fave milk glass.  Lucketts is a series of buildings strung together, each chock-full of fun and whimsy.  They even have a “design house” which is styled by local interior designers with items procured from the store and available for purchase.

I would highly recommend taking a little road trip and checking them out.  You won’t regret it!


LocalLove: Frager’s Hardware


Frager’s Hardware has long been a cornerstone in the Capitol Hill community.  A staple for Hill home-owners and the rotation of renters alike; the community was rocked this past week as a horrible fire hit the beloved store.


I remember when I first moved to the Hill.  Fresh out of college, I was beyond excited to be moving into a small rental apartment off of South Carolina Ave with my best friend.  Feeling grown up for real, I remember wandering the aisles of Frager’s with my list from Dad in tow…

air filters… check

drain plug… check

new keys… check.

Whatever I needed, they had.  On top of that, I never once encountered a sales rep who made me feel dumb because I didn’t have the faintest idea which paint finish would work best or which drill bit I was supposed to use in my new pink drill.   All I ever encountered was kindness and helpfulness.

@JohnFSettlesII said it best ” Frager’s was like the Cheers of Hardware stores” and everyone misses the place where “everbody knows your name“.

The outpouring of support from the community (just check out the #fragers feed on Twitter) proves that I’m not the only one who feels this way.  This past weekend they opened their “Pop- Up Shop” at Eastern Market to sell the “survivor” plants.

It appears to have been a great success (and is still open 9am – 5pm).  I was excited to stop by and check it out AND was able to walk away with some beautiful new red geraniums for the front of our house.  I hope they serve as a reminder for the importance of community and its uncanny ability to flourish in the midst of adversity (especially if they can survive my black thumb)


If you want to find out how you can get involved and support the rebuilding efforts check out


WSP: Paper & Pickles

WSP Banner3

This was a very relaxing and chill weekend.  I always go into the weekend with grand plans of everything I need/want to get done and often times I need a reminder to just chill out.  It’s always amazing to me how when I let go of the “to do” list the things that happen are often what actually needs to happen.  This weekend was filled with just such instances… hula hoops…red geraniums…Remains of the day… Jess Lively and a one-on-one business consultation (so helpful!)…The Great Gatsby… Ben & Jerry’s @ Midnight… The Diner @ 2am… bike rides in the rain… new HSt Farmer’s Market… creative posing…pool time… My happy place (Paper Source)…Gordy’s Pickles… Success Seminar with Dr. Dave Martin… Blogging conversations with THE Harrison Wilder… the Frager’s Pop-Up @ Eastern Market…Neon art projects… Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (seriously… do yourself a favor & look it up… hilarious)

Hope your weekend was just as chill.


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