Happy Monday!

One of the other reasons that I started this blog was to force myself to recognize the beauty around me on a daily basis. I find that I am far too apt to go through my day with an “eeyore” mentality. Oh boy, it’s Monday! Nothing good can happen on a Monday?

Ok… I feel silly typing that out loud (I’m a loud typer)… but it’s true.. I think a lot of times I believe that.

I once heard faith defined as expecting the unexpected around every corner. What a difference if we actually faced our days that way. Instead of expecting normal, how about we start expecting God to show up in our daily lives? How about we start expecting the miraculous to take place? How about we start expecting God to lavish us with His love? I mean, that’s the kind of God He is…right?

An offer you can not refuse…

Ok… since it’s still my first week here on the AWESOME blog (positive thinking is supposed to help I’ve heard)… I’ve decided to set some ground rules… not so much rules as I’d like to make you an offer… here’s the deal…

I’m going to post truly insightful, funny, encouraging things on this blog and YOU, the incredible, inspiring, and AWESOME reader will comment. Not too hard right?

I mean it’s such a great deal… move over SHAM WOW… for one itsy bitsy comment you can get minutes of enjoyment in reading this blog*…. really it sells itself (that’s why I didn’t ask Vince to do the infomercial…well actually I asked but he’s too busy with the new slicer thing… whatever)

I’d like to be honest on this blog and so from the get-go I’m going to admit my weakness. Yes, I admit… I’m needy… I lose inspiration when writing into space… I need the personal validation of comments.

What’s your vice? Starbucks? Shopping? Watching endless hours of infomercials… doh! (that makes 2)

Remember… Stay AWESOME!

* unless of course you are a speed reader which then of course would make it seconds of reading fun.


AWESOME: adjective: inspiring : showing or characterized by awe: very impressive: remarkable

So I guess I should start this blog by saying that I’m not on some major ego trip. There are several reason I’ve chosen the title. They are listed below in no apparent order.

Uno. I say the word AWESOME too much… not unlike a valley girl.

2. I plan to post about things that I find inspiring or remarkable (oh and probably a lot of other stuff that won’t fall into those categories at all)

C. Most importantly, I’m extremely blessed to be surrounded by awesome friends and family, belong to an awesome church and serve an AWESOME God! Pretty much life is awesome and I can’t complain. (4x in one point… yes!)

$. I’d like to think that God made me impressively unique… just like everyone else. Hoping to share a fresh-to-death perspective that encourages you.

Remember… stay AWESOME!

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