LocalLove : Maketto

It’s been a little while since I shared a bit of #LocalLove around here. I thought what could be better than sharing one of my all time favorite spots to bring it back.



Maketto is the quintessential cool kid. A coffee shop, retail space and restaurant all wrapped into one. They whip up perfectly crafted cappuccinos (or in my case tea) with the same ease that they deliver consistently yummy Cambodian and Taiwanese cuisine AND their collection of kicks is to die for.

Located on H St. NE it’s the perfect spot to visit whether you’re looking for a quiet place during the day to work and get inspired or a night-time hot spot complete with food and cool kid vibes. It’s also my fave DC spot to meet up with a friend for a quick catch up.

If you’re local and haven’t had a chance to check it out, I would definitely add it to your weekend plans. If you’re visiting from out of town and want to discover a local gem (and up your cool factor by 10) then I’d highly recommend it!



Photos provided courtesy of Eun Photography 

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