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LocalLoveBanner One of my favorite weekend activities to do in and around DC is visiting a farmer’s market. Perhaps it’s my country girl roots or just the opportunity to get outside on a beautiful day to purchase fresh produce and see what kinds of amazingness the local artisans have.


There are a bunch of great farmer’s markets in and around DC.  The Washington Post has published an interactive map of the 204 farmer’s markets in the area. You can see it here and plan out your next trip. My personal favorite is Eastern Market, not just because of it’s easy accessibility but also the broad array of vendors they have.

Can we just say, FRESH FLOWERS. These zinnias were so bright and cheerful! I have absolutely no problem buying myself flowers. It’s one of the simple pleasures of life and they never fail to turn my day around.


Also, shopping is way more fun with friends.  My beautiful friend, Emily, of Either/Or Interior Design, makes EVERYTHING more fun. I normally don’t find eggplants quite so amusing but she was cracking me up over something. Probably my awkwardness while posing with green beans.





p.s. How cute are my blog calling cards from MOO? I’m basically in love with them. XO

Photo Credit : EUN

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