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Beignet : a light square doughnut usually sprinkled with powdered sugar (Merriam -Webster)

Beignet : a light square of fried perfection buried in powdered sugar heaven which transports you to a magical land of yumminess (Me)*

BEN – FREAKIN – YAY!!!!!!!



A few saturdays ago, my wonderful friend Angie, with the affinity for unicorns, introduced me to a new spot on Capitol Hill called the…

Bayou Bakery


Capturing the culture, Creating a Community & Cultivating a taste for the South

True to their mantra, a step inside the rustic, brick establishment feels like a step into another world. A world that’s friendly, inviting, a little bit country and a lot bit home. Oh, and did I mention the food? Not only were the beignets to die for, but everything else I ordered of the menu was scrumptious. Not that I ordered EVERYTHING on the menu, but I dare you to take a gander at their “Snaps” page on the website and not want to order everything yourself. Also, word to the wise (and hungry), if you order the beignets, you will wear the beignets. It’s worth it though. So worth it.

I highly recommend checking out this spot. The atmosphere is charming and the food is delicious! It almost makes me want to turn in my card as a yankee and take a walk on the Southern side. Almost.  Signature


  • alternate definition : The main reason that the “diet” starts tomorrow.

2 Comments on LocalLove : Bayou Bakery

  1. charlene
    July 23, 2015 at 4:24 PM (2 years ago)

    i read about this place… been wanting to try it. Thanks for the push!

    • lovealwayshannah
      July 23, 2015 at 11:12 PM (2 years ago)

      You will love it Charlene! Also, now I want to go with YOU! Miss you! <3


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