Hope is Dangerous

One of my besties, Ashlynn and I have been talking about this concept of hope for awhile.  We’ve dreamed about it over Indian food in London.  We’ve talked about it late into the night huddled in her car as the rain beat down around us. We’ve sent numerous emails and gchats on this topic as well.

You see, neither of us believe this idea of hope is quite as innocuous as it is often made to sound.  We both believe wholeheartedly that…


We thought we’d let you in on this conversation in the hopes that you too will come to see the power that lies in this small little word.

hope optimist

Ashlynn – Hope sounds fluffy, even easy, but hope, real hope, in reality is one of the most dangerous words in the English language. The act of hope is not at ALL comfortable – its like the feeling you get when you jump off the high dive – terrifying and exhilarating – but mostly an acute realization that you are falling. Having hope takes guts. Having hope will take everything you’ve got. Having hope will obliterate your comfort zone in the most beautiful way.

Hannah –  Yes, it’s so true.  I often hear the word hope thrown around and used as almost an after-thought.  “I hope there are re-runs of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ this weekend.”  :I hope Kimye name their next baby East.”  “I hope I win a lifetime supply of Oreos.”  We’re not talking about the hope that merely expresses a wish.  We’re talking about a hope that is the foundation for decision, a positioning of your heart, mind and body to believe that good things are coming.  That’s dangerous on so many levels. 

Ashlynn – To hope is to extend your vision beyond what is right in front of you,  it places your dependence on something that hasn’t happened yet, on something unseen. Kinda scary, right? Maybe even a little dangerous? 

In some seasons of life, hope is all you have.  

Hope implies activity, it is an action. It is living, it is breathing. Hope changes you. Acting on hope positions you to be in an environment where what you’re hoping for can actually happen.  

It makes YOU dangerous.  

Hannah – I love the thought that hope positions you….  The truth is we can be conditioned by experience to live hopeless.  To believe that all we see is all there is. In fact, settling for safety and comfort is often expected and at times celebrated in our culture.  The passivity of a “Que Sera, Sera” or “whatever will be will be” attitude keeps people believing that they are powerless to change their circumstance.  It simply isn’t true.  Hope is active and it activates.  When you make the decision to trust God with your life and truly hope, you position yourself to receive.  The Bible says that God is moved by our faith.  When we hope in God we are releasing our faith and that moves Him to action.

Ashlynn – Hope enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Corrie Ten Boom is an incredible example of an ordinary woman who encountered an extremely dangerous situation when she and her family were imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp. She survived to tell her story by actively, aggressively holding on to hope and fixing her eyes on the One who is our Hope. Hope flipped the tables on the situation – hope took an ordinary woman in a dangerous situation and changed her into a dangerous woman undaunted by her situation.

Hannah – I love Corrie Ten Boom! She’s one of my heroes.  I had the opportunity to visit her home in the Netherlands a few years ago and was struck by the simple fact that God can do amazing things with ordinary people.  She was living proof of that. When hope is added to the equation, regular people, like you and I, become dangerous.  When we decide to leave the safety of our comfort zones and truly believe that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do, there’s no stopping us.

So whatever it is that you might be facing today, we’re here to tell you there is hope! There is a God who believes in you and delights in doing good things for you.  There’s also an enemy that wants to keep you in fear, keep you locked up, out of your purpose and powerless.  The truth is though, he doesn’t get to win! We’re going on the offensive. Won’t you join us?

Today, choose hope

be dangerous to the lies

be dangerous to the fears

be dangerous to the insecurities

You + Hope = more powerful than you could ever imagine!

Ashlynn & Hannah

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