Spring Ahead with Feminine Touches and Repeating Patterns

I love having my wonderful friend Ella on the blog as much as possible! She is one of my favorite people and very best friends.  On top of that she has such a gift for making me (and everyone she comes in contact with ) look good. Like for reals… she’s that amazing.  I thought it would be fun to have her talk about Spring (that thing we’ve all been waiting for) and fun ways to reflect the change in season in your wardrobe.

Hi! I’m Ella from StartCloseIn Styling. My passion is helping women fall back in love with the clothing they already own. And what better time to fall in love than during the spring?

It’s almost spring-right? Right? I know that in the DC area, we’re all a bit nervous that it will never come! Here’s my take on it: fake it ‘til you make it! Let’s talk about how that translates into clothing. Look in your closet and find something that screams spring, like these gorgeous bright pants.

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Then, echo it somewhere else in your outfit. Here, I paired these pants with a lip color that was very similar. It’s pretty matchy-matchy, but I think it works because the colors are far enough away on the body. And, you can’t help but feeling spring-y and feminine in brights like this!

Then, since it is still chilly, layer on a light scarf that will keep you warm without being too depressing, I mean too wintery. Because isn’t that how you feel about scarves right now? Gah, if I have to pull out my scarf and boots again I’ll go nuts!

View More: http://laurenmodny.pass.us/vdayfinals

I love the look of repeating a pattern in one accessory in a second one. Here, for example, the exaggerated pearl earrings show off the polka dots in the scarf. And the circles in the necklace also relate back to both of the other accessories!

Wearing a necklace under a scarf might seem counterintuitive, but I like it because hopefully it will warm up a bit during the day, and you’ll take off your scarf. Then you’re not wearing anything that helps draw the eye down and narrow your shape, like the scarf was. If you have a necklace underneath the scarf, you still have that long, lengthening effect with the necklace as your backup.

Top this outfit off with a neutral top and you’re ready to face these last few days of chilly weather!


Personal Styling : Start Close In Styling
Makeup : Melissa Taylor

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