Randomness : Pt. 1

1. At least five people in the last month have told me that they like my haircut.  They’re so kind. The catch is…


So either it’s all falling out (please NO!) or someone is cutting it in my sIeep. Awesome.


Crazy eyes to underscore my point. (Photo Credit : Erica Baker)

2. I’ve been rocking out to the Elle King iTunes Radio station since last week.  Really <3 it!

3. Can it not be winter anymore? I’ve over the cold.IMG_0531

(Photo Credit : ME)

4. Speaking of being over the cold, I have about 5 million pictures from my trip to Miami last week and I’ll blog them as soon as I figure out how to get them off my phone. What has two thumbs and is technically challenged? THIS GIRL.

5. I really like flamingos. I call this one Ferdinand.


(Photo Credit : Erica Baker)


Happy Wednesday!




80s-v-day-49As I mentioned here, Piccadilly recently had the opportunity to partner with another awesome DC-based events company, JBC Events to throw the coolest 80s dance party to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We had so much fun working with them and coming up with crazy, fun styling for the evening.JBC Events - 80s Valentines - Red (2)

My wonderful friend Erica, from Erica Baker Photography joined us as we set up for the evening and took some fun detail shots of the setup process. I thought you might enjoy them too!






Photo credit : Erica Baker Photography

Weekly Inspiration l 2-20-15

Weekly InspirationI’m still holding on to the warmth of the beach. If I close my eyes and hold my blowdryer up to my face I can still imagine Miami.  Unfortunately, I eventually have to open my eyes and realize that there’s snow on the ground. Oh well, today’s inspiration is my attempt to hold onto the warmth of the beach and the vibrance of life in Miami for as long as possible. Join me won’t you?

Moonshine & Wool l Amores Perros l Crush Culdesac l Sundance Beach l Frenchy Fancy l Just Breathe & Live l Sara Luxe l BaubauhausSignature

Hi! Hello.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sometime’s life sends you last minute surprises in the shape of cheap tickets to one of your favorite places. I’m spending a few days in Miami soaking up sunshine, blue water and creative inspiration.  Basically, I’m in heaven.  I’m sure to be posting about it next week when I get back, but in the meantime feel free to hop over to instagram to follow along. I’ll try to keep the selfie to regular post ratio good.

Here’s to 2015! Already a joyride.





Hey girl! Hey!

So maybe you already made (& ate) yesterday’s cake.  If you’re still looking for ways to make this weekend extra special I’ve got some great ideas for you.  Like I mentioned yesterday, it’s easy this time of year to get caught up in what you don’t have (i.e. Ryan Gosling) BUT I’m convinced that taking the focus off of yourself and instead giving back is the most sure fire way to ensure that you have the…


Here are two fun ways that you can do just that.

FIRST, if you’ve been around here for longer than 2 minutes you know that I <3 the A21 Campaign.  They’re an amazing organization committed to fighting the total travesty that is human trafficking.  Here are a few shocking and sobering statistics on the matter. If you’re anything like me, when you read those numbers you’re overcome with the need to do something…anything. A21 launched a campaign called #LOVEGIVES that will help you do just that.

IMG_0074They’ve made it easy for you to not only support a survivor of human trafficking financially BUT they’ve enabled you to send valentines and words of encouragement to these amazing women as they rebuild their lives.  You can check out their website here for the easy steps. Awesome sauce.


SECONDLY, another great way to give back and support the A21 Campaign while getting your dance on is to join me and the rest of the Piccadilly Creative team this Friday night for a like, totally AWESOME, 80s dance party.  We’ve joined together with another local DC events company, JBC Events, to throw “I Wanna Dance With Somebody: An 80s Valentine’s Day Party” starting at 9:30pm this Friday night at Malmaison. Tickets are $10 per person and a portion of the proceeds from the night will go to the A21 Campaign.

JBC Events - 80s Valentines - Red (2)

Pretty cool huh?

We’ve got some rad styling going on. You can follow Piccadilly on instagram for a behind-the-scene sneak peek, but you’ll have to come on Friday to see everything we’ve got going on.  You can buy your tickets here!


See you on the dance floor!



Valentine’s Cake

cakeAre you looking for a fun way to let the people in your world know that you love them this Valentine’s Day? Might I suggest cake? The wonderful Colleen of Faith, Hope, Love & Luck posted the yummy recipe for this beautiful cake she created for our Valentine’s Day photoshoot on her blog this week.  You should definitely go check it out. While you’re there look at some of her other fun recipes like this one for “Rainbow Sprinkle ‘Crack'” and this one for “The Perfect Man Cookies“.

As Marie Antoinette so famously said,

“Let them eat cake!”

I just don’t think she meant it the same way. While you’re waiting for your cake, here are a few other fun shots from our Valentine’s Day photoshoot.


#YouSparkle Valentine’s Day Credits:

Photography – Lauren Modny Photography
Personal Styling – Start Close In
Floral Design – LeRoy French
Handmade Valentines – Birch and Honey
Cake – Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice
Makeup – Melissa Taylor
Model – Destiny Decker
Creative Direction & Party Styling – Piccadilly / Love Always Hannah
Rose Almond Spritz were also featured in #YouSparkle Valentine’s Day.

The Most Wonderful

I know the saying goes that Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, but I have to disagree. Valentine’s Day is in fact my most favoritest time of the year.  I’m allowed to indulge my love of Pink.  People give each other flowers (& chocolate!). Things sparkle just a little bit brighter. We get to celebrate love be it of a significant other, a friend, a family member or in some cases, chocolate. AND it means my birthday is just around the corner.  I’m definitely what some would define as an adult now but it doesn’t change the fact that I love birthdays… like a lot.



Anyways, back to Valentine’s day. I know some skeptics will say that this is a holiday created by greeting card companies to get rich.  All I know is, if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

If you find yourself a little blue this Valentine’s because maybe you’re not in a relationship or perhaps you haven’t had enough chocolate might I suggest you find a way to make it special for someone else.  You’ll be amazed how wonderful YOUR holiday will be when you make it about someone else.

I’m going to share a few fun ways to do that on the blog this week. Stay tuned!

Did I mention, I <3 Valentine’s Day!?!?!