don't be so hard


I’ve decided that having it all together is overrated. In fact, as part of my own personal stand against the thought, I’ve decided not to have it together… at all.

Mom, before we go any further, you should probably stop reading. Ok? Thanks.

If you’ve been following along on this blog you probably already know this, but this has been a crazy season for me.  It has been full of so much fun, stretching, laughter, freaking out, late nights, early mornings, obsessing over random details, amazing friends… you get the gist.

That being said, in the midst of all this wonderful craziness, I’ve dropped the ball… actually like a lot of balls. I’ve forgotten a whole plethora of things (home school word of the day for the win!). Some important and some not so much.

Over the past few weeks I have…

Washed the same load of laundry 5 times. (they may NEVER lose the moldy smell now. Gross!)

Worn my pants inside out twice (thankfully I caught it both times before I left the house).

Gotten more parking tickets than I’d like to admit.  

Misplaced my keys about 500 times.

Built the leaning tower of Pisa clean laundry in my room.

Forgotten doctor’s appointments.

Responded to emails in my head (they’re wayyyy less effective this way).

Only posted sporadically on here.

Lost my train of thought mid-sentence like, a MILLION times.  

and you know what?

It’s ok.

Life has continued on. The world still turns. The sun still rises.



I’m imperfect. I’m flawed. I get things wrong.all.of.the.time. You know what? There have been no major catastrophes just because I can’t keep it all together.

This revelation sets me free every time.  Now, in case you think I somehow thought I had it together before the last few weeks, I’m here to tell that’s simply not true. I’ve always been rather imperfect.  It’s just that these past few weeks have provided the opportunity to be confronted daily with my flaws.  I’m not going to lie. It’s been rough. But there’s been a blessing in the chaos. I’ve discovered again the wonders of grace. Being faced daily with your imperfections does that.  You have the opportunity to succumb to the sheer guilt of failing (trust me. been there. done that.) or you can remember you were never meant to be perfect anyways.

You’re real. You’re human. I like you better that way anyways.

Perhaps we could just take a moment and instead of mentally beating ourselves up for all the times we “miss” it, we could take a deep breath and be kind to ourselves.  What would you tell a friend in the same situation?  Tell yourself that.

Let’s be perfectly imperfect together. 

Ok. I’ve got to go wash a load of laundry for the sixth time now.



p.s. You can start reading again Mom. I LOVE YOU!




you can do hard things


Today is a new day.  Today has never before happened.  It’s fresh. It holds possibilities.

Your history doesn’t have to define today. Just because you did something before doesn’t mean you have to do it today. Just because you never could do something before doesn’t mean you can’t today.

Just because something was too hard before doesn’t mean that today you can’t do it.

You can do hard things.

You can face the fear.

You can put on your big girl panties.

You can silence the lies.

You can overcome the obstacles.

You can have the conversation.

You can stand up for yourself.

You can fight the battle.

You can set your boundaries.

You can defend your worth.

You can be the boss.

You can decide.

You can go for it.

You can do it.

Today is a new day.


Weekly Inspiration l 10-10-14

Weekly Inspiration


Although I think I now meet the definition of a city girl, at heart there’s still a bit of country left in me. There are days where I long to get lost in the woods, to smell the the fresh moss and ferns, to bury my face in the wildflowers.  There’s something about the change in season that makes me miss it.

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LocalLove: Dolcezza




I’m finally catching up and sharing one of my favorite new spots I discovered this Summer… Dolcezza

True to its name, Dolcezza, delivers sweetness and delight in every bite.  With locally- sourced, handmade (hello! the factory is in my neighborhood) gelato and coffee, their fare does not disappoint.

It’s the perfect spot to check out with a few friends on a lazy weekend. I would highly recommend it.


WSP : Pineapples & Preteens

WSP BannerI’m a little behind in getting this up this week, but this weekend was just too fun to skip. Mostly because my little isn’t so little after all.  She turned 13 this weekend and I think I’m still in shock.  It seems like just yesterday she was my real life doll to play with and now she’s grown into a beautiful, kind and amazing young woman.

Give me a moment while I look for a tissue…

She’s quite the planner and undoubtedly will be working with me on the Piccadilly team in no time.  She had everything organized down to the minute and a clear vision of how we were going to style the party.  We used every bright color imaginable,  gold spray painted pineapples and disco balls to decorate because… of course!  That combined with a bunch of giggling teenage girls and the party was quite a success.  I loved getting to be 13 again for the weekend, even if I couldn’t quite stay up as late as they did.

The other lovely part of being home this weekend was that it really felt like FALL.  The cool air, the smell of wood smoke, the crunch of fallen leaves and snuggling up under a warm blanket with a good book all made this an idyllic weekend at home.

Hope your weekend was just as cozy!Signature

Weekly Inspiration l 10-03-14

Weekly Inspiration

Fall calls for…bonfires… last trips to the beach… navy…chocolate cake…denim… snuggles and… TOGETHER


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